7 Figure Real Estate Marketing Webinar

Revealed: Deep Real estate marketing secret of the top 10% that I have used to generate over $3Million in the last 5 years! Learn the strategies to 10x your real estate marketing income!

Are You Struggling to generate leads, close property deals and make 7-8 figure profits consistently selling Real Estate Property?

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Are you tired of posting properties endlessly on your whatsapp status and social media without results?

Are you fed up with working long hours while earning extremely small fees in commission?

Imagine for a moment that you make 7 to 8 figures monthly in commissions even if you are just starting out without prior experience or background in real estate marketing!

How interesting will it be for you if you can add extra N500,000 to 1,000,000 to your income monthly without working extra hours or have to work harder?

The 7 figure real estate marketing master class is designed to take you from being a struggling real estate marketer to make 6 to 7 figures consistently with our proven secret.

Come learn how to enjoy results like this consistently:

My name is Bamidele Adewole, MD Pwan star and I used to be just like you. I started from the bottom and rose to generate over $3 million in sales in less than 5 years.

I have cracked the code and I want to show you how to get things done.

In this masterclass, you will master:

How to attract, connect and sell to High Net worth Individuals

How to structure your business for consistent results

How to attract quality leads and sell to them without having to beg any “big man” for appointments

You will learn the top secret of the top 10 % realtor and how you can emulate their results.

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Come join me on Zoom to learn the deep secrets to making at least 500,000 to a million monthly in real estate sales commission.


Saturday 3rd July, 2021





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Come learn how some of my students have gone on to make up to 2 million monthly and also travel round the world as top performers in their real estate companies.

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