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Revealed: The exact blueprint that has helped me sell over $3M worth of real estate properties and you can use these strategies to sell anything to anyone

Do you realize that your inability to make consistent sales is costing you a fortune?

Dear Prospective sales expert,

Imagine if you could sell as many products or service as much as you want regardless of the product price within 30 days or less!

Would you love to know the proven step by step process to close any deal that has helped me sell over $3Million worth of properties?

If you read this to the very end you will discover the best kept secret that many sales experts in the world use to sell as much as they want in less time.

Have you ever seen magicians perform? Have you seen how they trick people and wow them with magical artistry that you sometimes think and believe they use black magic to do those tricks? The truth is that if only you knew the secrets behind those tricks, you can do the same and more. If you know the underground secrets behind sales, you will also be able to sell for a living.

What do you think is the most underlying secret that guarantees sales?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, read on…

When I started out about 8 years ago, I was an investment banker with core competencies in sales and marketing. For a very long time, I struggled with making sales for my company. My colleagues were getting promoted and getting the recognition they deserved while I was stuck. I was only living on salaries and not meeting up with my quota for other incentives and remuneration.

Imagine the moment when you get into client’s office and after waiting for hours you finally get the opportunity to meet the resource person. You know that feeling you get when clients tell you they will get back to you after your sales presentation? I waited and waited and waited but nothing happened.

I got really frustrated as I was not making enough money to do basic things in a city like Lagos. I’m certain some of you are in this same situation right now and can relate.

To say that I struggled to convince people was an understatement. It went on for long till I started investing in my knowledge and personal development. I signed up with sales experts and coaches around the world. Those investments were one of the most painful investments I made at the time and I can only be grateful they yielded results.

6 months down the line, I was already wining more clients for my company and I was getting better at sales that I had to resign and leave investment banking to Real estate.

8 years into the journey, I have mastered and developed proven and tested sales techniques that have helped me made over $3 million dollars in sales over the period. I have gone on to become an Executive Director in one of the leading Real Estate brands in Nigeria and I have coached countless others become sales geniuses.

Are you satisfied with your current realities?

One of the key things that helped me change my situation about 6 years ago was a strong anger and displeasure in my realities then. Do you realize that all the money you need is in the hands of someone else and you can only get it by selling something to them?

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, you want to continue reading to learn the underground system that can help you sell anything to anyone regardless of the price. If you badly want to sell more of your products and services consistently in less time, this is all you need. By the time you read this to the end, you will know the exact things to say to get your prospects to do business with you right away without telling you that they will get back to you.

I’m sure you’d like to know how to position yourself and business right and generate quality leads of people that will be begging you to take their money. My step by step, easy to digest guide will teach you how to pull prospects in and close the deal in less time.

Over the years I have learnt that who you become matters a whole lot in your ability to close deals effortlessly. Imagine if you know how to read people’s body language and tone of their voice to know what their objections are.

What if you know how to place the right offer in the front of the right people who are ready to do business right now!

Introducing- Become Exceptional in sales- The complete guide that shows you how to close more deals, make enough money and become a sales genius in 30 days or less.

Becoming Exceptional in sales

This is the most complete guide you will need to sell anything to anyone in less time. With this video course that you can access anywhere in the world and on your gadget of choice, you will master the art of persuasion and high ticket closing.

Even if you sell an everyday product on social media, or you have a startup or you are a freelancer selling services or you are a sales person or sales executive in a corporation, this course will help you make millions in naira.

What you stand to enjoy when you take this course:

Isn’t it great that you can finally close deals with more confidence and aura? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get clients to beg you to take their money?

For someone who has helped many people go from struggling business owners to making over 8 figures in sales monthly, I can guaranty you that this will be one of your best investment.

Who is this for?

  • This is for you if you are a small business owner and you sell products or services. You will learn how to control people’s attention and get them to pay for your products and services over and over again.
  • This is for you if you are a coach, freelancer or consultant. Even if nobody knows you and you are just starting out, you will learn the step by step guide that fills your funnel with super quality leads.
  • If you are a real estate marketer, you need this more than you need oxygen. I went from selling investment packages to selling high ticket real estate properties and even became an Executive Director in one of the biggest real estate companies in Nigeria.
  • If you are a sales person in an organization or you head the sales department, this is for you.

Who is this not for?

If you read to this point, it is glaring that this is for you; however, it is important that we set the record straight. This is not for you if you are looking for a quick fix, easy way of making money. If you are not ready to work and sacrifice your time and effort to practice and master the skills this won’t work for you. You will not get results from this course if you are not ready to work. Nothing works until you yourself begins to work.

What people Say about Becoming exceptional in sales and Tosin Adewole

Wale Adewumi


First time I met Tosin, she had so much passion about her business. I had a mental block about what she was trying to make me believe in. All it took was my sister inviting me to a seminar Tosin was in charge of. I sat down and listened to her talk for 5 minutes then I decided to do what she described. Boom, I made my first sale. Over the years, I have always had to reach out to her about anything and everything. Tosin inspires me. Her hardwork and positive vibes always gets to me. I reach out to her all the time, She knows this. My being in this sector, along with my achievements, are the rewards of listening to Tosin for 5 minutes on that day. I have not stopped listening since. In fact I am in an industry I never believed I could succeed in, SALES.


Tosin Adewole, our sales queen is someone who believes everyone can succeed. I have known and been coached by Tosin. She's passionate about the success of her team. She impacted me on positive thinking and focus. This literally drove me to make seven figure monthly sales. As a coach, she's generous with her time and knowledge. She goes the extra mile to ensure that her team achieves results. Learning at her feet offers life-changing experience. I know I made more than N30m sales.

Mrs. Ini Ubong

Lolade Ogunrinde


I was making few sales. My turning point was when I had an ice cream date with Tosin and she challenged me to put in my very best, of course by then I was seriously broke and unable to pay all my bills. During my date with her, I realized how much she was earning and how I needed to be focused to also be a success. The little effort I put in from then, made me a profit share bonus qualifier with six figure amount for that year in less than two months.


Tosin isn't just the delightful lady everyone perceives her to be. She's much more than that. She introduced me to the real estate business and did an amazing job of mentoring me in it (still does) Her knowledge of the business/field is matchless, her patience to put one through mind blowing. She knows her onions, and her onions know her. When it comes to mentoring in sales she's detailed, meticulous and diligent in making a champion out of you. Her best quality is her integrity in business. Tosin since I've known her has never compromised on that. I've imbibed that trait as well and I keep reaping the benefits with my client everyday. With her as a mentor in the art of sales, you're in great hands!

Damilola Fowowe

What’s the investment?

Over the years, I have spent millions of naira and time to develop and fine-tune this system that helps you sell more in less time. The system is so effective that I moved into Real estate and selling properties worth tens of millions. This system works regardless of what you sell and your industry.

If you decide to take action today and right now on this page, you will get the Become more in Sales for only N40,000 only instead of N70,000.

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You have everything to gain for making this investment right now on this page, unless you are not interested in earning millions of naira in sales commission.

You won’t take action on this if you are content with struggling and begging people to buy from you. If you still desire to be harassed before you settle your bills, it’s perfectly fine for you not to enroll in this course right now.

Enroll in this course if you want to have enough money to take care of your bills and family. We are talking about making millions of naira monthly. If you also want to be part of my students making as much as N30 million naira, you want to enroll now!

Prior to venturing into Real Estate, Tosin had over 8 years’ experience in the investment banking industry, developing core competences in sales, marketing and client relationship management.
In 2014, she ventured into real estate, and since then she has brokered and advised on deals worth approximately 3 million dollars.
She has received awards in the real estate field based on the sales results achieved to date.

She currently serves as the Executive Director of in one of the leading real estate firms in the country.

Tosin is also a very compassionate soul, always wanting to add value to people in form counseling/mentoring.

Many lives have been transformed by her seminars, training sessions and teachings.

Hey, I'm Tosin Adewole- A Sales Coach